A Double AD Advert supplements the Advert you have already on your web page. It is strategically placed in the website and ranks high on visibility. The most paramount pages on your website should house it, like your home page and location pages.
On your selected profile in the dashboard, you’ll find “manage advert” click on it, afterward, click on “Upgrades.” Then go to “be on Double AD ” and click on it. You’ll have to choose either Double AD Advert or a Double VIP-AD at the top of the form. At this point, we can assist in helping you generate your Double AD , however, if you can do it yourself, then go ahead and upload it with the Double AD Advert generator. 

Absolutely! Go to “Manage Advert” in your selected profile on the dashboard, then click on “Upgrades.” Click the “Be on Top” box, then you choose between Double-AD Advert and Double VIP-AD  Advert, after this, you can finish off with the steps. When you have arrived here, you can make choices between uploading a new TOP Advert, choosing a previously utilized one or demand for a freshly built one..

The following the two sizes are employed in the course of designing TOP Adverts.  They are:

131 × 230 pixels (Single-AD & Single VIP-AD Advert)

282 ×230 pixels (Double-AD & Double VIP-AD Advert)

If you will be creating a Single VIP-AD Advert by yourself, then you use these dimensions and ensure that your end product is a high-quality png file.

Ugly Mug is an initiative created to ensure the optimal safety of sex workers and limit the crime rate perpetrated against them. The way the system works is by converging the sex workers from time to time to warn them about potentially dangerous clients.

Click on the “manage advert” option of the advert you intend applying the image on from your dashboard. After clicking, select “media” and then click on “add photos/videos.

Going by the standards, an advertisement can have up to 6 images and I thumbnail image. However, you can flood your account with tons of images, but only these specified quantity can be active at any given time.

No, it is not possible to do that. Most times, we might have to cover the 18+ image. Please free to go through our Advertising terms and conditions.

A thumbnail is an image, a very small image which is being displayed in the general listings and every visitor or customer sees this image first before clicking on any tab that bears the main image. Every other image is hidden in your profile and is not visible at first sight. Thumbnail images will be visible in searches, on the main page or front page and in location pages. Since the thumbnail is the first image anyone visiting the page will see, it has to be sharp. A square image will be shunned by customers, while the sharped ones will be clicked.

Many reasons can account for why your image was removed. It could be due to its explicit nature or being flagged as a fake image. To know more about this, get in touch with the customer services team.

It implies that the image should be an ordinary picture of you flaunting a piece of paper with the words “Escort Advertising” handwritten on it with the day’s date. A comparison will be carried out between this image and the images that will be displayed in your advertisement.

The length of your advertisement will influence your payments here. Please check out our rate card for more information on this.