As at the time of this story, I had been married for more than twenty years although I had just clocked forty years of age. My husband, John was the first and only man I had slept with. We met at a disco in Tralee when I was a teenager and although I did mind at the time, all these years of having sex with only John made me wonder what it would have been like to “taste” someone else.

We had two wonderful children and a reasonable standard of living. But the sex was boring. I guess life doesn't always give you all you want so I had to bear it as any other responsible wife would. Right?

 The regional meeting for the supermarket group where John worked was to be held in our town, Tralee. The timing of the event was not too great for John because the Rose of Tralee festival was coming up and so all the hotels and B&Bs were full. This made arranging accommodation for his colleagues and as hard as he tried. He was arranging hotels for all his colleagues a daunting one.

Being the ever-supportive wife, I agreed to allow the last colleague, Niall, to stay one night at our place since John could not find him a place to stay.

Getting Out Of Bed

John came home at 2 am in the morning after the team meeting. I was asleep in bed until he woke me up with the noise he made. Immediately he got into bed, and I got out. He was drunk so as usual, he would demand sex that he could not deliver, regardless of my interest. To avoid all of that I went downstairs to the kitchen and found…

 Niall. I had forgotten all about our guest.

We soon got talking. He apologized for startling me and for John’s condition. In the course of our conversation, I went to the sink to get a glass of water, but the hurt in my back made me wince audibly. When Niall asked why I told him that I thought I had injured myself while carrying the supplies I bought. Niall then offered to help since he was the physiotherapist for his local GAA club. I nervously accepted his offer while he retrieved his bag from his car.

Per Niall’s instructions, we needed a towel down since the settee wasn’t hard enough while the floor was too hard. I suggested that we used the bed in the spare room, so we went upstairs where Niall and I laid out some towels I got from the hot press.

At this point, I had to remove my dressing gown. My short nightie barely covered the private areas.

A Lovely Massage

Niall started on my feet. Then he got to my calves, rubbing up and then down on the muscles until he got to my aching back where he dug his knuckles. He slowly rubbed his hands down from the top of my spine and the seat of my bottom. His hands were large, yet gentle. It was a unique, exhilarating experience!

Niall said he needed to rub some lotion in. He then asked me very politely if I would remove it as he needed to rub the lotion in the whole of my back and he didn’t want to stain my nightie. Without waiting for an answer, he quickly pulled it over the top of my head and threw it on the floor. I remember keeping my legs as close as possible while staying still.

 He then rubbed some lotion on my back. He rubbed it so gently that I relaxed and managed to lose myself.

 Next thing, Niall asked me to turn over. Lulled by the feelings I was having, I obeyed. I felt him rubbing some lotion on my thighs. He then lifted one of my legs and massaged my thigh muscles before rubbing each leg and then my arms until they felt detached from the rest of my body.

I became a rag doll that didn’t have a will of its own.

When I felt Niall’s mouth on my inner thigh, it felt so good nothing could make me stop him. By the time he licked my inner lips, jolts of ecstasy had made me wince.


I was laid out on the bed like a rag doll, a sacrificial lamb awaiting its fate. When the chief priest (Niall) asked if the ceremony could continue, I nodded yes. Was it not like I had a choice now did I?

I no longer wonder about what another cock feels like because Niall’s dick was much bigger than John’s! He slowly entered me. Then he took it out and rubbed it against my clitoris before plunging in again, giving me feelings that made time stand still. He then grabbed my breasts from behind before pushing his entire cock into my dripping cunt.

The next day, both men went about their normal businesses. Well life as I used to know it has changed. I have developed a taste for different cocks.

 Why stick to one man when so many others want a piece of my pie? Most women know that when a man stares at you, he often wants to fuck. I used to think that women didn’t like to be caught. I thought they only wanted the thrill of being admired, so they teased men and enjoyed being chased by them.

 Well not anymore. I am now the hunter. I want fun before I am too old.

I don’t want to hurt John, so I told him I had started an evening course one night a week. I drive to Killarney where I visit hotel bars to pick up men.

This new me is on a quest to find a cock that is bigger than Niall’s. Call me a slut if you like but since I have not yet found my “grail,” I will have to keep looking until I do!

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