It has been a while since we did it. Have you ever felt like your job was sucking the life out of your body? Welcome to the club. I have felt like that for the past month. My partner and I had the kind of professional careers that encroached into our private lives. So, we were always exhausted. She almost never came home earlier than 9 pm while getting home by midnight was not a rarity for me.

We were so pressed for a break that we both looked forward to a future wedding ceremony which would give us the opportunity for some alone time.

The much anticipated weekend arrived. Of course, we both maneuvered ourselves out of tight work schedules so that our weekend getaway could materialize. Although the trip was a long one, the near-novelty of being together so far away from the city and work was intoxicating. Immediately after we had arrived and checked in at the hotel, my lady made sure that I took my bath.

Although I paid attention to the essentials, I had finished taking my bath and was wrapping the towel wrapped around my waist when she joined me. Standing behind me, she slipped her hands under the towel. She then she ran them slowly up and down the outsides of my legs, teasing my body into having an erection that created a tent from the towel.

“What is this I see?” she asked teasingly.

Her hands kept roaming, rubbing and teasing until I became fully erect. She grabbed my hard cock and just as I was about getting ready for some action…

“You keep that thought now while I shower,” she said.

“Shouldn’t I join you?” I asked hopefully.

“You’ll have to wait,” she said at her teasing best.

With that she proceeded to take her bath, leaving me in the company of my erection. Women!

After an eternity, the shower stopped, and she stepped into the room with a towel wrapped around her body. Standing over me with a suggestive smile, she slowly hiked her towel to reveal her pussy. I kissed her smooth skin and ran my tongue along her inner thigh until I got to her wet, freshly shaved pussy.

“Nice and smooth for your licking pleasure,” she said.

“You’re so thoughtful,” I replied while teasing her pussy and clitoris with my finger and tongue.

 I then tugged off her towel, trailing patterns with my hands up the back of her bum, across her hips, lower stomach, and pussy and then off to her thighs and back up to her bum. I took things further by the lips of her pussy, her hands on my head.

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